Whole Foods 365 Brand 7 Day Quick Cleanse – Detox Diary

Whole Foods 365 Brand 7 Day Quick Cleanse

Detox Cleanse After the Holidays

Are you ready for some detoxing 2013? This might be a good option to help you get motivated to flush and start right for 2013!

After spending the holidays with my loving family, who like most of our families tries to feed you endlessly with love and food, that seems to go hand in hand; don’t they?

Once we got back in town I made my fridge refill trip to Whole Foods. Filling my cart with lots of veggies, fruits and organic plant-based goodness. As I went to check out my eyes landed on this display; I thought what the heck always wanted to try one of these. Especially with my body feeling like sludge from the holiday eating.

Whole Foods 365 Brand 7 Day Quick Cleanse

The Big Flush – Viewers Discretion is Advised – LOL

In the past I always approached detoxing through juicing or just raw fruit and vegetables. Here was a way to do a little extra; to flush a little more out. For those of you who have been curious, but never took this step I wanted to share this with you.

A Little Background First

During the cleanse, I got excited about some thing that some of you may think is nuts. I had a normal, pain-free BM every morning like clockwork for the entire week. So I thought I should give you some background on me, since this isn’t normally exciting for some people. I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is one of my main motivators for being on this path of wellness. Food choices and stress motivate this monster in my belly. I have been on a path of discovery to figure out what will keep the beast at bay (IBS). Every attack brings me more motivation to continue; to be honest they are painful and miserable as all heck. I have found eliminating GMOS, gluten, and living a plant-based diet keeps the monster caged and fills me with a feeling of great wellness. If I slip, that monster is raging like a lion that just got poked with a thorn.

Confirmation of this came again when I visited my family. Being a polite good girl and tasting many of what was served (with exception to any type of meat) brought on 3 IBS attacks in my 5 day stay. YES, ladies and gentlemen I am on the right path! YIPPEE! Now on to this 7 day journey!

What I ate?

Truly what would be the point to take on this cleanse and eat any of things that it was trying to flush out of my system, right? So I stuck to fruits, vegetables, nuts with some legumes and gluten-free grains. All organic and absolutely nothing processed; a little bit stricter than I am normally. About 50% raw and 50% cooked foods. Along with eating strictly following the instructions on the box!

What is in The Whole Food 365 – 7 Day Quick Cleanse?

Anytime I endeavor on putting something in my body I do my research on the ingredients. The ingredients were very simple, nothing alarming or worrisome for me. Here is a list of what you will find in this cleanse:

Step 1 Quick Liver Cleanse (take 2 every morning)


Cellulose http://www.livestrong.com/article/6030-need-cellulose/

Rice Flourhttp://www.livestrong.com/article/300343-what-are-the-benefits-of-rice-flour/ (since this ingredient is obvious, looked at the benefits)

Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source)  http://www.livestrong.com/article/320191-what-is-magnesium-stearate/

Silicone Dioxide http://www.livestrong.com/article/518021-natural-foods-that-contain-silicon-dioxide/


Step 2 Quick Cleanse Acacia Fiber (drink morning and night)


Acacia Fiber  http://www.livestrong.com/article/263375-what-is-acacia-fiber/


Step 3 Quick Colon Cleanse (take 2 every morning)


Microcrystalline Cellulose http://www.drugs.com/inactive/microcrystalline-cellulose-48.html

Cellulose http://www.livestrong.com/article/6030-need-cellulose/

Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source)  http://www.livestrong.com/article/320191-what-is-magnesium-stearate/

Silicone Dioxide http://www.livestrong.com/article/518021-natural-foods-that-contain-silicon-dioxide/

Enough with the chatter … here is the result and review!

This is a very renewing experience and perfect for the new year! You take 3 steps a day that were very gentle on my body.

The Nitty Gritty

You have to be sure to drink lots of water, especially around the times you take the steps.I will say I am always a little nervous taking powder based supplements because the taste maybe nasty, but surprisingly Step 2 has virtually no taste at all. That was a bonus! With any type of detoxing and drinking lots of water I was urinating a lot, especially the first few days.

TIP: When stirring step 2, make sure to stir while you are pouring it so it mixes nicely. Otherwise it will get clumpy.

My bowel movements were quite healthy and started in the morning and usually an additional one during the day. During the week I only had one runny one, but there was no cramping. It was more of a cleaning out side effect. With my IBS I was surprised to have such a pain-free and smooth experience.

The Result

Good news is having the weight loss, but its all the water retention and yuck that not-so-good food leaves in your body! I did drop 10 pounds of junky stuff our of my body. YAY! I also noticed that there was a lot les bloat in my face and around my middle that showed up after the holidays; thrilled about that.

Aside from the scale I notice my skin looked healthier, tighter and smoother. Also, after day one my energy just skyrocketed and didn’t seem to need as much sleep. BONUS!

LOVE it!

The next detox I will try is Whole Foods Complete Body Detox, which is 2 weeks long. I will start it in another week … look for the future report on that!

Peas, LOVE & New Year Detoxing!



About me

Micheale is the foodie nerd behind Crunchy Living. Crunchy Living is an eceletic mix of green living, 100% vegan and raw vegan recipes, oodles of love & seeking wellness everyday! 100% Vegan, Raw and Plant-based recipes.


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Michael Ugarte
Reply February 23, 2013

Good stuff. I just picked up this kit and will be starting it tomorrow (I really want to start it tonight) morning. I'll check in soon with my results, etc.

    crunchy living
    Reply February 23, 2013

    Thank you for sharing! Would love to hear to results you get, so please report back. Also would LOVE to hear how you feel overall during the week! Peace, Love & Wellness to you! Micheale

Reply March 17, 2013

I am starting this cleanse today and just saw your review! I am a little nervous, especially because I love cooking and so am curious as to what I'll eat throughout the week. Any dishes or meals you used throughout the week?

    Reply March 22, 2013

    Thank you for your comment and question! During the week I really tried to stick to lots of fruits, veggies and nuts ... cleaner food. Lots of salads! As you can tell I LOVE cooking ... I tried to get very creative with combinations of foods ... buying some more exotic produce even. Some recipes I have posted that I ate to give you an idea (aside from basically the entire juicing section, haha)

    - Thai Hot Salad with Mango

    - Anti-Oxidant & Omega Rich Fruit Salad

    - Pear and Poppy Seed Winter Mix Salad

    - Heaven with an Eggplant Casserole (without the noodles)

    - Chia Pudding in the Morning

    - Gluten-free Tabouli

    - Mixed Melody Potato Curry Stew

    Basically, any recipe on here that is whole-food based with no flour or gluten. I hope this helps!

    I can understand your nervousness, it is good to have a food plan, have your mind focused on this 7 day journey. I meditated on it, made sure I had all the things I needed in the kitchen (even over bought a little, hehe). One thing I really found was the routine of the detox really assisted with my continued focus and motivation. Everyday you feel so much better!

    I hope this helps. You will be in my thoughts and please report back ... even during your week. Sending you LOVE, well wishes and wellness on this journey. I can't wait to hear back from you!

Reply April 17, 2013

Thanks for your review. I just bought the seven-day quick cleanse and will start tomorrow. I usually work out four days a week or so, a mixture of lifting and running. Would you suggest limiting working out since I will not be eating nearly as much protein as my usual diet? Also, if I do continue to work out do you think protein powder is okay to keep in my diet for this week or cut it out?

    crunchy living
    Reply April 18, 2013

    Thank you Michael! I am so happy you found it helpful. I advised with our Resident Dietician, Dina, concerning your questions. During a detox you do want to be gentle with yourself and this includes working out. Try sticking to low impact workouts, like walking or yoga. Detoxing is a journey for your body so you do want to take it easy. Also, no protein powders as that would prevent the detox to really flush your body as intended. Enjoy this 7 day journey. Love, gratitude and wellness to you! <3 DISCLAIMER: CRUNCHYLIVING.net is provided for informational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult your doctor before beginning any new treatment. It is your responsibility to research the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all the content provided in CRUNCHYLIVING.net

Reply April 24, 2013

I just bought this kit yesterday and I started it this morning. The Step 2 powder clumped immediately when I added it to 8 oz. of cold water. I was already queasy about that part, so that didn't help. I tossed it and then tried again with warm water. Still didn't dissolve well and drinking it warm was fairly unpleasant (I'm a baby). Do you think it would be okay to mix into hot tea instead? Or would the heat ruin the effect of the acacia powder?

Thank you for your review! I just found this post and your site after doing a search on reviews for this product.

    Reply April 25, 2013

    Thank you for your comment ... I am happy you found the article helpful. The powder was the most difficult to get dissolved. I found stirring it as I poured it in was the best way to get it to dissolve best. Some other suggestions I have are to try dissolving it in lukewarm water. If the flavor is too unpleasant for you, which I completely understand, mix it into some juice or lukewarm tea. I would avoid any hot drinks as heat typically changes the compositions of edible products. I hope this helps. Love, Gratitude and Wellness to you! Micheale

      Reply April 26, 2013

      Thank you, Michaele! Last night, I warmed some water in the microwave until it was fairly warm. Then I added a squirt of orange Mio to the water, put a scoop of the acacia fiber in my coffee cup, and as you had suggested in your initial post, poured the water into the cup while stirring. Much better. Got it down last night and this morning. Still not my favorite part, but much better than the first time! Thank you for your guidance! Be well.

        Reply April 27, 2013

        YAY! I am thrilled that worked out for you! Trust me it wasn't my favorite part either, just necessary icky? LOL! Your most welcome, gorgeous! Love, Gratitude and Wellness to you!

          June 20, 2013

          I was wondering how this effects your menstrual cycle especially if I am on the pill. I heard it can basically stop the pill from working as intended, is this true?

          June 23, 2013

          Hello Diana! Thank you for your question. Personally, I do not take birth control pills, so you may want to speak to your doctor about this or take extra precautions during the detox. I do know that I had very irregular cycles till I started eating clean, more raw and detoxing; now my cycles are completely regular. I believe our cycles are highly impacted by our nutrition and activity levels so once balance that out our cycles will change to balance out as well. I hope this helps! Love & Gratitude Micheale

          January 7, 2014

          omg do not take on your period…I'm on my period and i am experiencing the WORST cramps ever! other than that its working great!!!

          January 8, 2014

          Any type of cleanse I do try to avoid my time of the month ... feel my body is dealing with enough already (nasty mean Aunt Flo) - haha! Love and Wellness Micheale

Reply April 30, 2013

Thanks for your sharing. I really want to try it after all my finals. I am just have a concern. You lose weight after detoxing, but once you get back to your daily routine, does the weight come back ? I cook my meal every day and I eat mostly vegetables and white meat.

    Reply April 30, 2013

    I continued to eat quite clean so for me the weight did not come back and the further modifications I made after the detox like increasing my raw has actually continued my body to drop weight. Every body is different of course, but we all have garbage that our bodies are carrying hence why detoxing is a good practice. Love and wellness for you on your journey! Micheale

Reply December 31, 2013

Hi, I found this page on a random google search, I am interested in this fast, however I work on an overnight schedule so I always find it difficult to stick to a regiment. Any tips?

    Reply January 1, 2014

    First thing is to be sure you prepare yourself mentally ... never just jump into a cleanse. Secondly, plan a day ahead what you will eat the next day that will assist in falling off the wagon. Thirdly, if you mess up keep moving forward you will reap benefits anyways! Love and wellness to you Micheale

Reply January 3, 2014

Hi! Was already planning on doing a whole foods detox after the holidays, and while researching recipes, I found your post. I picked up this cleanse at whole foods, however so my step 3 colon cleanse says to take 3 tablets at night not two in the morning. Do you think this matters? Also, it's freezing where I am, (around 5 before wind chill, and lots of snow!) Raw food and super out of season fruits and veggies are not readily available in large quantities, and my body is craving something warming. Any thoughts or suggestions? And thanks for your post!


    Reply January 6, 2014

    Thank you for the question! I would say that I never had total appropriate timing for those pills but I just made sure I took the dosage the way they said and kept a certain number of hours in between. I totally understand how the winter goes (originally from Michigan) and definetly warming food is in order during that time. I recommend still stay vegan, but have collard greens, kale, potatoes, other root veggies, especially sweet potatoes; whatever is available for you. Try new things too, just make sure its gluten-free, no processed and vegan. Get those carbs to warm you up! Stay warm and thank you for visiting! Love and wellness to you Micheale

Reply January 7, 2014

Hi! Thanks for responding. I just finished day four if my cleanse and I'm following your advice, vegan, greens, root veggies and its going really well! One more question, and sorry to be personal, but I'm finding undigested food in my bm's, which is not normal for me. Any thoughts?


    Reply January 8, 2014

    No worries on the getting personal :)

    I experienced that with more of the higher fiber veggies & greens, especially if you are doing monomeals (only on type food for a meal). Especially in a detox you will being stuff you won't normally see. I won't worry about it. Of course if you think it is something to worry about call your doctor.

    I am so thrilled it is going well for you. Love and Wellness to you Micheale

Reply January 22, 2014

Micheale - I had a baby 8 months ago and I'm just now starting to get motivated to lose the last 10 lbs. I'd like to start with a cleanse first so I thought a realistic one would this 7 day cleanse. Where I'm afraid I'll have trouble is finding meals that are easy to make and taste good. I don't have much time and I'm not a fan of cooking. Are there easy snack options I can eat and simple meals I can make to get me through this 7 days?

    Reply January 23, 2014

    Hello Katherine -
    Thank you for your question. You definitely have your hands full, I remember when my daughter was that age. Yay, congrats on tackle the last 10 pounds. As far as easy simple meals, I find when I am crazy busy and i still want to be sure I eat clean I keep noodles around and there are some great gluten-free options for noodles available; made from quinoa, corn, black beans, mung beans. Toss with some avocado or extra virgin olive oil and some choice veggies; there is a fantastically fast, clean meal that will definitely fill you up too! Other fast simple and filling meals for earlier in the day are smoothies; not only quick but you can take them with you. Some of my smoothie recipes can be found at http://crunchyliving.net/category/vegan-food/juice-detox/. Organic orange juice is a great thing to keep in the refrigerator to tide over cravings. I am also partial to monomeals, for example eating several mangos or a large bowl of blueberries. I find these type meals to be fast and satisfying. I hope this helps, love & wellness Micheale

Reply February 3, 2014

For Step 2, what do you mix it with and how much? I assume maybe 4 oz. of water? I can't find where it says. Everything else seems to be pretty straightforward. Thank you for the great post!

Reply February 3, 2014

Micheale, disregard my question above! Found the answer in the comments section :-)

Starting tomorrow morning!

    Reply February 4, 2014

    Enjoy your journey! Please report back and let me know how it goes! Love & Wellness Micheale

Reply February 24, 2014

Thanks for this post! I just bought the cleanse today and was wondering if it would actually work. Also reading the comments helped answer any other questions I had as well. I really appreciate it!

    Reply February 24, 2014

    Your most welcome ... thanks for visiting!

Reply February 25, 2014

Thank you for this fabulous review. I also suffer from IBS and lately as part of a lifestyle change I was considering trying the cleanse. Your review really helped!

    Reply February 25, 2014

    Thank you! I am so happy you found it helpful! Hugs Micheale

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