Walnuts, lovely! Omegas & Protein Galore!

Always looking for ways to throw these darlings in our food as you will see in many of my recipes!

I personally keep a Mason Jar filled with raw walnuts that are chopped to easily throw on fruit, salads, as a finish to many foods. Here are some of the many benefits to keeping this gem handy:

  1. Lower Blood Pressure With high levels of omega-3 fatty acids contain in walnuts are very beneficial to all aspects of the cardiovascular system. Research has found that just a few walnuts per day may help keep the high blood pressure away.
  2. Healthy Brain Improve your memory and overall cognitive function by throwing some walnuts in your mouth. Raising your intake of any food high in omega-3 fatty acids will assist in this benefits.
  3. Cancer Prevention Researchers have found that adding walnuts to your everyday can lower risk for breast and prostate cancer.
  4. Lower Cholesterol Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to effectively lower cholesterol levels. People with high cholesterol can significantly lower their levels by eating walnuts.
  5. Good Digestion Their high fiber content assists in better digestion.
  6. Weight Management The fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals balances boosts your overall health. When you have balance nutrients you are less likely to grab that not-so-good choices!
  7. Sleep Better Walnuts contain a natural melatonin which assists in a regular overall good sleep.
  8. Stronger Bones Alpha linolenic acid is one of the essential fatty acids in walnuts, this contributes to strong bones in your body when its a regular part of your diet.
  9. Inflammation Reduction Omega-3 fatty acids as a regular part of your diet, inflammation will decrease, and lower levels of inflammation are related to stronger bones.
  10. Healthy Hair Walnuts contain selenium, zinc, biotin and essential fatty acids these help to promote healthy, shiny, strong hair; nothing any of us will complain about!

What item do you keep handy to throw in your food for its health benefits?



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