Sloppy Smushy Banana PB Sandwiches, baby!

Need sweet & healthy that will last you for hours & hours …

Sloppy Smushy Banana PB Sandwiches, baby!


1 banana, mashed
a big pinch of cinnamon
a pinch of nutmeg
organic peanut butter, (recommend MaraNatha Nut Butters)
slices of organic whole wheat bread or your favorite gluten-free bread


Mash the banana and mix in the spices as well. Spread the peanut butter thinly on both slices. Spoon on the banana mixture and smush the bread together. Depending on the size of bread this makes enough for 2 sandwiches.If bananas aren’t your thing, try apples, pears, or even avocado!

Enjoy! Peace, Love and Peanut Butter!

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