Mixed Melody Potato Curry Stew (Gluten-Free)

On these cold winter’s nights, I love to cook up something creamy, warm and spicy.

As you will notice very quick with my recipes I do LOVE curry.

When I was at the store I saw these adorable bouquet potatoes and they just scream stew, don’t they?

Here is my creation to cure those winter chills!

Mixed Melody Potato Curry Stew


2 cups water

1-2 tablespoons curry, depending how hot you like it!

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 bag of mixed melody potatoes, halved  (or 3 potatoes of your choice)

1 can red kidney beans, drained and rinsed

1 bunch of parsley, chopped roughly

1 cup organic bella mushrooms, sliced

1 can coconut milk

1 tablespoon organic canola oil

1-2 teaspoons salt


Sauté the garlic in oil till fragrant, then add in the potatoes and mushrooms. Gently sauté on medium to medium-high heat for approximately 10 minutes. Then stir in the water, beans, coconut milk, curry and salt. Bring to a slight boil, then let it simmer for approximately 20 minutes on low-medium heat. Give it a little taste and add salt as needed. Add in the parsley and time to serve! You can garnish each bowl with some garlic croutons; makes for a tasty touch.

What dish do you like to make on these cold winter nights?

What is your cold comfort food?

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Kay Z
Reply January 28, 2013

I make a fabulous vegetarian version of a tortilla soup ( minus the tortillas) that my family loves. I must try your curried potato soup! Sounds yummy!

    crunchy living
    Reply January 31, 2013

    Thank you! Please let me know what you think. Would love to hear more about your vegetarian tortilla soup! Hugs and Love!

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