Lovely Napkin Find at World Market

I LOVE World Market! It carries the unique and obscure from around the world as well as the everyday simple things that are awesome quality.

I have been on the search for some bargin colored napkins, since our everyday white ones have stained so nasty that I won’t even use them anymore, especially with company. Low and behold World Market always has what I am looking for … YAY! They had baskets filled with assortment of colors in packs of 6 buffet style napkins for only $9.99. BINGO! If you are looking to make the switch from paper to cloth check this deal out … I tell you gorgeous quality too!

You can even get them on the website, check out all the colors here.

Even though we keep an emergency supply of paper napkins … we LOVE the cloth napkin shift … have you made the cloth change?

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