Hold the Paper Napkins and Go Cloth …

Yes this is an extreme (extremely funny too!), but it does make you think, how many napkins are we using?

How many trees are being used to make those little conveniences of ours? One statistic I found related to the trees used to make paper products is the following:544,000 trees would be saved by replacing a 70-sheet roll of virgin fiber paper towels. One solution is buying brands like Green Forest who make their napkins from recycled materials, which we did make that switch. Another way we reduced those disposables is to buy cloth napkins. Now when I contemplated this I was thinking “ouch” the cost (thinking of the fancy ones of course), but for everyday use? No way … I decided to look at Sam’s club and found a pack of 24 white cloth napkins for only $16.57. The white ones are a lot easier to clean, but there are other colors available.

When it comes to eating out try to reduce the napkins you get, don’t be a Larry *giggles* (clip from Curb your Enthusiasm)! Also, I have discovered People Towels, which are great to replace those bathroom towels to dry your hands.

What green changes have you made in your home?

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