Eating According to Your Intuition (or Gut)

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There’s been more talk, lately, about the subject of eating according to your intuition, or gut, and while some may disregard it, through my own experiences and observations, it’s a very real thing. Granted, I don’t believe ‘intuition‘ or ‘gut’ are words that are used commonly, but rather the phrase ‘do what works for you’ is more like it. It’s all the same thing, in my estimation.

Yes, it’s true that our human bodies are made up of the same materials, but when it comes to what our individual bodies need more of or less of, every body is different. This can be for many different reasons: genetics/heredity, lifestyle, environment, age, soil that food is grown in, etc.

It is my belief and many experts’ beliefs, that a vegan diet is the foundation that most, if not all, humans need. There have been many studies showing that meat and dairy consumption not only are the major causes for diseases but they’re also nutritionally deficient. So the value of eating them are zero, not to mention many other reasons.

From then on, there are subtleties that show up, for each person. One person may be very sedentary, so eating a lot of carbs in the form of fruits, grains, and fake meats, might be one reason for them putting on too much weight. A person’s family history in the form of genetics/heredity, may deem that lots of fats, even if they’re healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, etc., aren’t good for them to consume. Where a person lives and acquires their produce is important to note, when it comes to finding out what is lacking in the soil their food is grown in. This can be a huge factor in the foods they need to eat more of. All in all, we are talking about tweaking your diet in order to become balanced, and therefore regulating your body’s functions.

So how do we go about, tweaking our diets? Again, the phrase ‘Do what works for you’ is what’s called for. And more specifically, listening to your body, which means eating intuitively, or what your gut tells you to eat. 

Let’s take for example, eating a cheeseburger. You eat it more out of social pressure, because you’re not a ‘cook’ and don’t know what else to make, or simply because you’re ‘picky’ and don’t have a lot of foods that you allow into your mouth and a cheeseburger is what you ‘know’. You eat it, not being aware of much, except that it ‘tastes good’. No other messages are coming at you. An hour after you eat, you feel sick. Or you’re just uncomfortable. Maybe it’s ‘just’ gas or ‘just cramps’. You’re also on the brink of falling asleep and all you want to do is lay on the couch and watch tv, eventually falling asleep. You may not sleep well, or you may have to visit the toilet a few times during your ‘rest’. What just happened here?

What happened is that your body didn’t digest this food well. It also gave you many messages, in the form of gas, cramps, loss of energy, and the rejection of that food. The next time you are faced with eating a cheeseburger, what would be likely to happen? If you’re mindful, your intuition would say, ‘That food is not for me. I got lots of tummy problems after eating that. That burger will not make me feel good, and will be bad for my body.’ If you listened and followed what your intuition told you, you would eat something more beneficial (yet still delicious and satisfying) instead of the burger. This is why learning how to make nutritious, delicious foods for yourself is extremely important, unless you have money to blow and can pay for every healthy meal to be made for you.

Another thing to consider, in what you consume, are supplements. Since most soil is nutritionally depleted or deficient in minerals that are most beneficial for plants to grow and for you to eat, supplementation is another thing that needs to be customized for your individual body. This takes research on your end, and it can also be as simple as getting a blood test done, finding out what your body is lacking, and then taking the vitamins (and on that note, the vitamin brands you’ve researched) to take care of that lack.

This ‘listening to your intuition‘ thing is not strictly for dietary purposes but goes into lifestyle, relationships…pretty much everything. The path to health, which is an all encompassing path, is best guided by your intuition, and it’s a path that is different for everyone. If more people would listen to their gut (which, by the way, is your second brain, and yes it’s been confirmed in studies), there would be tons of more happy, healthy people walking around, less suffering in this world and a healthier planet.


Renee Rubio
About me

Renee Rubio is passionate about health in all aspects. She's been keenly aware of the fact that it's not just about food and exercise, for most of her life. She wants to help teach others that there are other parts to the whole, of being healthy (and thus, knowing the true nature of happiness!). Growing up the child of an alcoholic, she knew from the beginning that substance abuse is a dead end street. As she grew older and worked through her emotional issues, growing spiritually, and dealing with weight issues (tied into her emotional issues), she finally discovered raw foods and the benefits of that type of eating. Deciding to change her diet to plant based first, in 2009, she transitioned to raw living foods in 2010. At times, she's been 100 percent raw, she's done several fasts, and adopted many of the lifestyle aspects of a raw, vegan foodist, and continues with it. She has never been healthier or happier in her life and has finally found the key to the foods that her body responds best to. She knows that she still has some ways to go, on her journey, and continues onward and upward. Her current focus is on learning more about hormones and parasite cleansing. She lives in Nevada with her soul mate and her Australian Cattle Dog fur baby. She loves being of service. One of her favorite activities is to coach others. She believes she is a natural born supporter and encourager. Among other things, she also loves to laugh, watch movies, and prepare healthy, beautiful and delicious food for her loved ones. Most of all, she loves learning, because learning never ends in this life, and it keeps things interesting :)


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