Chocolate Craving? Breakfast Time with Merry’s Miracle Tart

I woke this morning with one heck of a chocolate craving …

YES, ladies that horrible cloud of temptation hit this morning. So I served up a bowl of blueberries and slices of mango and thought to myself “definitely need some chocolate!”.

I always find ways to integrate chocolate in my day, but in a healthy way. Yes, you heard me right healthy chocolate; even in my breakfast! I love adding cacao to my smoothies in the morning, but you know sometimes you just need that SWEETIE!! This morning I needed that rich naughty tasting SWEETIE! I am behind on my raw dessert making (will be doing lots this weekend), but I did have a little goody in my fridge that came highly recommended by a lovely employee at Whole Foods; Hail Merry’s – Merry’s Miracle Tart Chocolate Raw Almond Butter!

I have to say this is an AWESOME treat to have in your fridge for those emergency cravings; it is rich too! This is one of those healthy tasting desserts that you have to remind yourself it is healthy while you eat it! CRUNCY YUM ALERT, GORGEOUS! It was so satisfying that I let my husband share it with me … haha! You can’t beat the fact that it is a little bit of raw, vegan and gluten-free! YIPPEE!

What’s in it?


organic maple syrup, natural raw almond flour, natural raw almond butter (natural almonds, organic palm sugar*, sea salt), Fair trade dark cocoa, organic extra virgin coconut oil, sea salt.

*our palm sugar comes from sustainable farms.
Allergy warning: contains tree nuts

What healthy treat satisfies that intense chocolate craving for you?



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