CheddarAid – cheddar flavored sports drink or crazy Canadian foreign relief effort?



CheddarAid – cheddar flavored sports drink or crazy Canadian foreign relief effort?

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (January 10, 2014) – CheddarAid is code name for a Canadian foreign aid relief program to the US during its untimely Super Bowl processed cheese food product shortage, commonly referred to by the media as Cheesepocalypse.

Daiya Foods Inc., a Canadian manufacturer of dairy-free cheese alternatives, is generously coming to the aid of thousands of Americans to help them through the growing Super Bowl Velveeta crisis. In an effort to prevent an outbreak of DNS (dip-less nachos syndrome) Daiya is offering free vouchers for their award-winning cheddar style products along with a tasty Queso recipe to those loyal Velveeta lovers who are being left stranded in their kitchens.

“We are taking this so seriously that we’re dispatching Daiya ambassadors immediately to Washington, DC on a reconnaissance mission to assess the situation first-hand,” said Greg Blake, co-founder and CEO of Daiya. The company is no stranger to consumers wanting cheese but not being able to consume it. “Believe me, we know about consumers craving cheese – when they just can’t find it, it’s a terrible thing. Whether you’re one of thousands who can’t find their favorite cheese because of an untimely national shortage or you’re lactose intolerant, the situation is just brutal – you’ve basically got dip-less nachos. Either way you’re screwed.”  said Michael Lynch, VP of Marketing for Daiya Foods.

Available in over 12,000 stores across North America, Daiya is a premium line of dairy-free cheese alternatives including shreds, blocks, spreads and even pizza – all of which do not contain milk, dairy, soy or gluten. Sold under their “Daiya deliciously dairy-free” brand, their products are noted for their remarkably cheese-like taste and texture while also being 100% cholesterol-free.

In a pre-emptive strike to combat Cheesepocalypse and to help mitigate rampant spread of DNS, Daiya is offering a half a pound of dairy-free cheesiness (while supplies last) to make your favourite Queso dip that everybody can enjoy, just in time for the Super Bowl.”

When asked to confirm if there was a link between their CheddarAid relief program and Cheddarade, their dairy-free cheese flavoured sports drink rumored to be in development, Mr. Blake did not return our calls. Sources suggest however, that Daiya may be near completion of its caffeinated cheddar flavored energy drink called Chenergy, said to be a category game changer by those who have tasted it (and spat it out). When pressed, a Daiya R&D team member did however, make the comment that it was not intended to be swallowed at this stage of development.

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