Acid Reflux? Heartburn?

natural acid reflux remedy chia seeds

Had a night of indulging in the SAD (standard american diet) now you have heartburn? Or have acid reflux?

(sometimes it doesn’t matter what you eat … it comes)

Here is a natural remedy that works for some of my loved ones and it works fast. Take a spoonful of chia seeds and wash them down with water. Acid, heartburn … say goodbye!

My husband would down the Tums several times a day. For him, this condition is brought on by many even healthy foods. After learning that Tums being used too much can cause kidney stones I switched him to chia seeds. They work faster for him and way more effective long term (doesn’t need to repeat). So he keeps his little jar of chia seeds by him!

Note: Please don’t pre-rinse, they will get sticky and expand when mixed with the water. The first time I dealt with chia seeds I put them in my wire strainer and tried to rinse them. Let’s just say it took a very very long time to scrub that strainer and ge the swollen sticky seeds out of the little holes!

Have you tried Chia Seeds before for this type remedy? What remedies have worked for you?

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Chia Pudding in the Morning
January 13, 2013


Kat Peterson
Reply January 19, 2013

Note: Please, don’t not pre-rinse, they will get sticky and expand with mixed with the water.

What does this mean?
don't not?
with mixed with water?

    crunchy living
    Reply January 22, 2013

    Thank you for catching the typo! Haha! Chia seeds you shouldn't rinse, when they get wet they react, expand and get sticky; they look like tapioca when soaked in any wetness. Thank you for the comment Kat! Peas Love and Wellness to you!

Deangelo Boeke
Reply February 2, 2013

Some genuinely wonderful info , Gladiola I detected this.

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