A Vegan-Raw Lifestyle Guide for the Broke and Busy

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Changing or improving your lifestyle towards a Vegan/Raw Foods one can seem daunting to many. On the surface, it certainly looks that way. This is our best attempt to help you make the transitions you’re aiming to achieve, more attainable and as stress free as possible. We believe anyone can do it, even when you’re broke and/or busy. We believe that, because we’ve done it. It just takes some planning and some thought. After a little while, it will be second nature to you!

Get educated on which foods will give you the most bang for your buck, and in your area (preferably).

This means not only nutrient density-speaking (which is of utmost importance, in our opinion) but also in volume-speaking. In other words, make a list, whether it’s literally or mentally, in which foods you want to bulk up on, that will provide you with the most nutrition AND be the most filling for you, as well. Hearty foods are great but the key is to eat foods that will fill you up (which can fit into the Hearty category) that are also the most nutritionally dense, while being kind to your budget and also easily and locally available.

If you’re relatively healthy, eating 20-30 bananas a day is not a bad idea, for you and your pocketbook.

We don’t advocate the raw food diets of radicals on Youtube…we feel that there’s no one size fits all. That being said, we encourage you to try eating let’s say, 5-6 bananas in one sitting. See how long you stay full and satisfied. If you can go several hours without being hungry, it’s safe to say that eating raw foods like bananas (or apples or oranges, for example) in bulk, can not only provide a lot of nutrition but also provide a lot of fiber too (keeping you feeling full without heaviness), and also be pretty darn cheap, even if you buy them organic (which is the best idea and choice, if you have a choice). It’s also VERY easy to eat these foods anywhere you are and easy to transport to places like your job. Can’t get any better than that!

Rice, beans and potatoes can be a broke/busy person’s best friends. Always do your best to add in greens and other veggies to that mix. Preferably raw and organic! 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to buy organic, if at all possible. Will you be spending a little more? Sometimes but not always! Keep in mind, though, that when you do, you not only will be getting more nutrition, thus getting more for your money, but you will be healthier for the very fact that you won’t be ingesting pesticides and all other ‘-ides’ (chemical poisons). When your body is given the nutrition it needs, you won’t need to eat as much either, so all in all, you won’t be spending much more than if you bought conventional foods, with the added bonus of eating poison-free. Rice, beans and potatoes are also relatively fast to cook and prepare, which can help a lot, if you’re busy. Think Crock Pot, too.  🙂

Buy in bulk if and when possible. Warehouse clubs like Costco are offering a lot more organic foods, than before. 

There’s no doubt about it…buying foods in bulk can help stretch your dollars farther. If you have a small place to live in or a small fridge, at least buy foods like beans and rice…in other words, foods that can be stored without refrigeration and are non perishable, that way you can buy in volume and therefore save some dough. If you must buy canned goods, opt for those that are canned in bpa free cans. When you buy large jars of relatively expensive foods like nut butters, keep in mind that they add flavor and texture to dishes, so it’s a worthy investment. A little goes a long way and they’re also very versatile. Nut butters can be used in sauces and dressings but can also provide a quick snack when paired with apples, bananas and celery, or spread onto breads and crackers.

Be judicious in whatever ‘superfoods’ or supplements you buy.

We believe superfoods and supplements are needed these days, due to the fact that even the best organic foods lack the nutrients once provided by good, healthy soil. By the same token, it’s important to choose wisely, which of these supplements you’re going to invest in, because it is an investment and because some of them provide more nutrients than others. Your individual nutritional needs will also determine which ones your body will benefit from, the most. Having a blood test will help you in deciding which supplements or superfoods will do your body the best. Research into this issue will pay off in the end. And also remember that your body’s needs can change over time, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to any changes that occur that may signal a need in a different nutritional strategy.

We hope this has helped make it clear and simple, that eating a vegan/raw diet doesn’t have to be only for the rich and for people with lots of time on their hands. The biggest key is being well stocked and prepared, as well as finding the best deals that will benefit your body and mind the most.

Renee Rubio
About me

Renee Rubio is passionate about health in all aspects. She's been keenly aware of the fact that it's not just about food and exercise, for most of her life. She wants to help teach others that there are other parts to the whole, of being healthy (and thus, knowing the true nature of happiness!). Growing up the child of an alcoholic, she knew from the beginning that substance abuse is a dead end street. As she grew older and worked through her emotional issues, growing spiritually, and dealing with weight issues (tied into her emotional issues), she finally discovered raw foods and the benefits of that type of eating. Deciding to change her diet to plant based first, in 2009, she transitioned to raw living foods in 2010. At times, she's been 100 percent raw, she's done several fasts, and adopted many of the lifestyle aspects of a raw, vegan foodist, and continues with it. She has never been healthier or happier in her life and has finally found the key to the foods that her body responds best to. She knows that she still has some ways to go, on her journey, and continues onward and upward. Her current focus is on learning more about hormones and parasite cleansing. She lives in Nevada with her soul mate and her Australian Cattle Dog fur baby. She loves being of service. One of her favorite activities is to coach others. She believes she is a natural born supporter and encourager. Among other things, she also loves to laugh, watch movies, and prepare healthy, beautiful and delicious food for her loved ones. Most of all, she loves learning, because learning never ends in this life, and it keeps things interesting :)


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