4 Ways I Kicked a Cold & Bronchitis to the Curb

Talk about a season of a lot of germs and yuckiness!

Seems you can’t go through winter without getting something. What I thought was allergies turned to a cold turned into bronchitis within 7 days. I took action as fast as I could. We are ALL too busy to be sick.

Here are the steps I took that took me back to myself … back to life without that horrid cough and misery!

1. Counting Sheep Here is the most obvious, I got LOTS of rest. Sleep and taking it easy has the best way to gain your health back, like our mama’s always said!

2. Popping the Pills I took 300 mg Echinacea each day. I also continued with my daily dose of 3000 mg Spirulina and 2000 mg MSM.

3. Fluids Water is a vital part of every day wellness, even more so when you are sick. I was drinking approximately 128 ounces a day. Green smoothies is the way! Not only do they fill you well it is nutrient packed. I used lots of different fruit and my chosen veggies was spinach and/or kale. I sipped down at least 24 ounces a day. Here is the BIG kicker: Kombucha … I had one bottle everyday. Kombucha is not only fantastic for your digestive system, but a HUGE booster to the immune system. So get your Kombucha on!

4. Packing Nutrients, baby! Aside from drinking green smoothies, I was filling my body with LOTS of fruit, salads and soup.

TIP: If you do eat dairy, it is a good idea to cut it out since it is mucus producing till you feel better.

I have never kicked bronchitis so quickly. I have had it many times and it usually takes 3 to 5 weeks to kick it out, then the light cough lingers. This time I had it for about 5 days … BOOM! GONE! I barely had even a light cough left for 2 days, then nothing. It was miraculous  I hope this helps some of you, but remember this worked for me you all need to listen to your own body and do what you need so you can feel better.

Peace, LOVE & Wellness to you all!

What remedies have worked for you?

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