3 Ways Hibiscus May Benefit Your Health

Hibiscus, a word i have been seeing in tea, in kombucha, even supplements.

Made me wonder if it was something that was just a buzz or actually benefits our health? YES, darlin’ it acutally does and here is how:

1. Helps Blood Pressure

Drinking hibiscus tea daily may benefit people with mild blood pressure issues.

2) Benefits Diabetes

Hibiscus tea may provide some benefits to people with type 2 diabetes. Shows to reduce sugar levels and supports healthy blood sugar levels.

3) Reduces Cholesterol

Studies taken over one month period of time found that hibiscus extract may help keep cholesterol in control.

Read more detail about the studies here: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/highbloodpressure/a/Benefits-Of-Hibiscus.htm

The most common ways to add hibiscus to your diet is drinking the tea. Have you tried hibiscus tea?

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