10 Reasons Drinking Lime or Lemon in Warm Water Everyday is a MUST!

10 Reasons Drinking Lime or Lemon in

Warm Water Everyday is a MUST!

1. Helps the bowels eliminate naturally and regularly.
2. Aids in digestion.
3. Can assist with lowering blood pressure.
4. It has an alkalizing effect on the body. If you drink it before every meal it will assist in keeping your body at a higher PH balance. The more alkaline your body is the more your body is resistant to minor and major disease.
5. Assists in purifies and stimulates the liver.
6. They are high in potassium, if you have low potassium levels this can cause depression, anxiety, fogginess, and forgetfulness. As well as assists in keeping your heart healthy.
7. Calcium and magnesium are high in lemon/lime water. Both are vital nutrients for a healthy heart and body.
8. Assists in bringing down uric acid in the body. When this accumulates it creates arthritic pain and/or gout.
9. Assists in reducing phlegm in the body.
10. Assists in flushing out water retention. This one is a huge motivator for me, seems the last few years water retention has been my new enemy, start my morning with a warm cup of lemon water and out it goes. Fantastic!

Have you found a difference in your body after taking on this habit?

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Reply April 29, 2013

Does drinking tea with lemon have the same effect or does it have to be solely water and lemon/lime?

    Reply April 29, 2013

    You do want to be sure to get the juice from a whole lemon, but if you wish to accompany with it other flavors; go for it! Have a week full of wellness, Cass!

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