10 Reasons Cranberries are Good for YOU!

10 Reasons Cranberries are Good for YOU!

1. Assists in Treating and Preventing Urinary Tract Infections
2. Assists in Fighting Varies Cancers (such as breast, colon, prostate, and lung)
3. Assists in fighting Heart Disease
4. Helps Kidney and Bladder Problems
5. Helps in Preventing Kidney Stones
6. Anti-Aging Properties
7. Improves Mental Health
8. Strengthens the Immune System
9. Relieves Skin Conditions (such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema)
10. Strengthens the Immune System

Consume fresh cranberries and/or make your own juice or opt for unsweetened, 100 percent pure cranberry juice.

What reason took you by surprise?

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